Dry-gulching babies

If circumcision is so desired, why dry-gulch babies? Men would seek it out when they could choose it for themselves, give consent, and report pain. Who are the madmen who came up with such? Why are its practitioners not imprisoned today?

Advent Health, for example

Trying to reach you, Ed Noseworthy (CEO, Daytona Campus). RE: Human Rights/Christianity (NB Advent Health is evangelical). Left my number with Lea in your office. Eric Anderson. Author, Jesus & the Unabomber (NB Risk Management Dept. plugged their ears as deaf & blind guides)Circumcision is neither medicine, nor Christian.It is between witchcraft & body modification… Continue reading Advent Health, for example

Adding Zeros

The person defending infant circumcision inevitably adds zeros. They don’t see it, of course, but they get for their answer the number of zeros added. Example: Potential UTI+ Pot. Forseskin Cancer+Pot. STD+Pot.Nursing Home Care+Pot.Care Convenience=Circumcision. They are adding rights & reasons to torture a healthy child (and take from him) as 0+0+0+0+0=5. They do not… Continue reading Adding Zeros

The Witchcraft of Moses

There is Moses, sacrificing animals and pouring their blood on his alter. He did this while advising others, “do not suffer witches to live” (Exodus 22:18). That is the autocratic warlord who threatened his subjects with expulsion if they did not practice partial child sacrifice. But circumcision is witchcraft, and Moses is dead. And his… Continue reading The Witchcraft of Moses

Constructive Fraud

Infant circumcision is PAINFUL (trauma scientists note that the body keeps the score, mind memory or not), it is elective surgery without CONSENT, it STEALS the victim of their decision of personal preference. It is ARCHAIC. What human does that to his fellow man. What human threatens expulsion for not doing it; Adolf & Moses.… Continue reading Constructive Fraud

Soul Sickness

Infant circumcision is a soul-sickness, and so must be all of Monotheism. The habit while reading scripture is to put up a cognitive privacy glass so one only sees sparkles and not the real person behind the glass. This is a soul-sickness (Ted calls is over-socialization, Jesus says to look at the birds of the… Continue reading Soul Sickness

The Banality of Evil

Infant circumcision is the same phenomenon, of course… as expressed by Hannah Arendt when she observed ‘the banality of evil’ while reporting on the trial of Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem, in 1962. In this case it is Nazism for Newborns that is the evil that has found its ease among us. I don’t care what… Continue reading The Banality of Evil

On Fraternity Hazing

Make men drink a fifth of whiskey when they turn 18 years old (at threat of expulsion as in Genesis 17:14), but do not cut their genitalia, ever. In this the fraternity must conform, or itself be expelled.