Due to statutes of limitations age 20 is currently a hard barrier in most states, but that could change. One must find a sympathetic attorney (contingency based fee). Ask them to watch the video below. If they sound pompous, officious, or disbelieving, do not waste your time. Keep looking. Or file pro se. You will be abundantly supported here and throughout the intactivist community. We count our Numbers. We are legion.
Professor Peter Adler, Esq. ( may be able to help in the search for an attorney in your state. J. Steven Svoboda is also likely to help.
If you went under the knife as an infant, you were the patient. If you did not consent, the doctor and facility must pay. Parents have no power to relieve docotrs of their fiduciary duty to their patient. You do not need your parents on-board to pursue this. Hopefully they will go all-in with you, as they were also severely deceived.

The damages are thus:
1) Extreme trauma in infancy (see Jesus & the Unabomber)
2) Loss of sex sensation as an adult
3) Iatrogenic complications, including inverse-prophylactic effects


Legal Articles:
Circumcision is a Fraud:
Circumcision is Illegal:
Circumcision is Unethical and Unlawful:

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