Infectious Disease

The Sociopathy of Goodness. Nazism for newborns. Infant circumcision is medical battery, a violation of fiduciary duty, a violation of Hippocratic Oath, and Constructive Fraud. It is violent traumatic archaic nonsense; withholding of compassion from newborn citizens.

Nazism for Newborns (diminished mental capacity)

A doctor (any human) who performs surgery when it is not medically indicated, without the patients consent, is what in history is so reviled; Dr. Mengele (or a practitioner at Unit 731… a Tuskegee doctor). Infant circumcision is the same error in judgement as Nazism. It is the sociopathy of goodness, where people become so… Continue reading Nazism for Newborns (diminished mental capacity)

The War

In the war between babies and the dead, always fight on the side of babies. Always root for those who do.

Jewish Nonsense vs Christian Nonsense

There is mostly nothing wrong with a fantasy club. The sense of acceptance and safety is real. That is probably why reality & fantasy get confused in the minds of club members. Though something about infant circumcision—the lust for it, and the violence in it, the utter madness—reminds one of the classic Nazi-trance. Evangelical Christians… Continue reading Jewish Nonsense vs Christian Nonsense

Jesus has Returned (hiding in plain sight)

Every time a boy is born, Jesus returns. And the last place for him to find refuge? That’s right, Christianity. Congregations hire Pastors/Priests to tell them that they are good. Evil is elsewhere. For this the members tithe. They cannot and never do say from the pulpit “it is foundational in Christianity, we do not… Continue reading Jesus has Returned (hiding in plain sight)