Jewish Nonsense vs Christian Nonsense

There is mostly nothing wrong with a fantasy club. The sense of acceptance and safety is real. That is probably why reality & fantasy get confused in the minds of club members.
Though something about infant circumcision—the lust for it, and the violence in it, the utter madness—reminds one of the classic Nazi-trance. Evangelical Christians are in this Nazi-trance, also.
The phenomenon is common; Vikings, Khan, Alexander, Jews, Christians, Huns, Islamists… yet this occurrence of infant circumcision is sociopathy with a too long tail. The blood-lust of one over-excited group wanting to defeat and win the spoils of another is nature being as it does. That war-lord fun has always happened (since agriculture, at least), and is still a tension that ebbs & flows among men, now more than ever, probably. American Christians the same are frantic about their Christ, so much so that their Jesus has become a non-entity. This when the reality is that there is no such thing as a Christ and that faith in such a thing buried the person, the child, quite completely. It may be that everyday Jews are leaving circumcision for Brit Shalom faster than American Christians can get the person Jesus—the eight day old child—to come into focus, and get on with the task at hand, of leaving circumcision to archaic madmen. Irony of ironies.

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