Daytona Beach Police Dept. #2 (Statement handed in)

Eric Anderson

See two prvious videos.
RE: Routine Infant Circumcision (RIC)
-That FL Statute 827.03 is clear and accurate, especially when seen from child-centric point-of-view, as intended.
-That cutting a healthy child is always battery.
-That elective surgery without the consent of the elected is always battery.
-That ideations that children are not included in the protections of the state are wholly imaginary.
-That mesmerization is no defense in the law.
-That FL Statute 794.08 (FGM) and the 14th Amendment of the United States clearly elucidates the crime, and demonstrates negligence in enforcment of extant law.
-That parents are defrauded (see Constructive Fraud, contextually addressed by Peter Adler, esq et al).
-That the offense is a crime, a crime against humanity, and a hate crime.
-That the matter is ongoing and urgent.
-That an arrest is warranted.
-That the peace is not being kept absent inclusion of children in the protections of the law.

Previous contact with Advent Health Daytona:
Sue Helen, June 14, 2021
CEO Ed Noseworthy refused to take or return my call (Consciousness of Guilt)
Lean Stuart, head of Risk Management, takes erronious position that parents can negate the law.

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