Aggrevated Child Abuse

Lt. Ousterman

RE: Routine Infant Circumcision (RIC)
-That FL Statute 827.03 is clear and accurate, especially when seen from child-centric point-of-view, as intended.
-That cutting a healthy child is always battery.
-That elective surgery without the consent of the elected is always battery.
-That ideations that children are not included in the protections of the state are wholly imaginary.
-That mesmerization is no defense in the law.
-That FL Statute 794.08 (FGM) and the 14th Amendment of the United States clearly elucidate the crime, and demonstrate negligence in enforcment of extant law.
-That parents are defrauded (see Constructive Fraud, contextually addressed by Peter Adler, esq., et al).
-That the offense is a crime, a crime against humanity, and a hate crime.
-That the matter is ongoing and urgent.
-That an arrest is warranted.
-That the peace is not being kept absent inclusion of children in the protections of the law.

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