The Vacuum (aka Dr. Sally Johnson)

Dr. Sally Johnson reported about Ted Kaczynski that “He was hospitalized at the age of approximately nine months, for several days, as the result of an allergic reaction. Hospital course was apparently uneventful and he was discharged without known medical sequelae.”

This is an odd statement coming from an educated person, a person who society relies on for such things as fiduciary duty. She does not quote any hospital record, nor who she is relying on to suggest that the Unabomber arose in a vacuum (the Vacuum appears to be the mind of the doctor).

On the contrary, Ted’s mother reported the disassociative sequela (PTSD) as a matter of fact; it’s onset and it’s subsequent persistence. Dr. Johnson acknowledges that the mother reported this (as the only reliable witness so many years hence), she dismisses Wanda Kaczynski.

A physician without anything to hide (in the conduct of her profession) would say no such thing. The nine month old Ted was hunting for his murderers. That he discovered them to be technologists ranks him with Jesus in his own efforts towards that same end (Gospel of Thomas, part 4).

A mature person (a physician demonstrating leadership) would have documented the discovery of the matter, set the statute of limitations running, and convened with Ted’s counsel to recommend the pursuit of civil action on his behalf. Against who? Against the facility/technologists who treated him as a nine months old child. Toward what end? The end of the psyche-slaughtering error that yet occurs systemically in hospitals across the country. The secondary and tertiary victims of that slaughter could have received the proceeds. This is called resolution. But Dr. Johnson chose to leave children exposed, and attempt to bury the culpability (as easy to discover, to hide the profession’s shortcomings, and her own just the same. This is the same as in the case of Jesus. His motehr reported him destroyed on his eighth day of life. Jackasses bury the matter in mythology. Perversely, they prefer him mounted on a circumstraint board.

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