On Children & Childishness

If my local police chief (Chief Jakari Young) goes to prison for criminal negligence for ignoring my formal criminal complaint of Aggravated Child Abuse (Agency Report #210020337)… that does not achieve the goal, because it is not the goal. His default is just a brief delay along the way. He seems to be failing to make an arrest while there are new victims daily. Just the same, it is unfortunate that mesmerized Germans were laid waste while the world enforced laws against crimes against humanity. Killing mesmerized Germans was also not the goal. Now, as then, arresting violations of human rights is the goal.
To care about someone’s feelings at the expense of their freedom, of their life, is to do them a disservice. Our fiduciary duty is to all our fellow man. The perpetrators of this Holocaust are also our fellow man, and we must make it clear to them that their imprisonment and-or destruction is only an unnecessary delay on the way to the enforcement of human rights.
Touchy-feely (accomodating) language is a disservice to them. It is to slow-walk them to their next decimation. In this context, if Jews believe that 6,000,000 was ‘totally worth it’ we ought to remember that the number was actually 80,000,000 (i.e. there are no Others, and so infant children are not them, either). Shame on us for doing that to our fellow man.
Written in response to: https://www.facebook.com/Bruchim.online/posts/269181585251312

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