Because the Child Cannot Speak or Write?

I filed a ‘Statement’ (intended as a formal criminal complaint) concerning Aggravated Child Abuse (FS827.03) at the Daytona Beach Police Department (Chief Jakari Young); Agency Report #210020337. When the police get a report from medical personnel (who, perhaps feeling empathy for an overwhelmed parent, still have a legal obligation to report evidence of abuse) of a child with broken bones or bruises external and/or internal, the police then themselves have a legal obligation to make an arrest. In that case the bones and the bruises do the speaking.
In the case of my report, I speak for the newborn child. I should not have to, of course. The wound on its genitalia speaks clearly for him, as in the case of broken bones and bruises.
But the police do not act. In this case the wound on the child speaks, and the child in me speaks for my fellow man, but in this case the police stand guard for the violence (Chief Jakari Young).
It is Nazism for Newborns. The Chief has been compromised but sees it no more than the average German soldier of WWII. The cognitive failing, the moral failing, is the same. It is a serious confusion of agency to cut a healthy child.

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