An Error in Judgment

The intactivist movement grows by leaps & bounds. Of course, war requires force. In a nation at peace, that force is directed by the courts. Under current law infant circumcision is a breach of fiduciary, a constructive fraud, a battery (Peter Adler, et al), and it is a hate crime. It is an oddity in a majority Christian country that circumcision is rampant (“you circumcise a man on the Sabbath”). But like the media, priests & pastors are permitted to speak at the will of the madding crowd. But the madding crowd is scared to death to say anything. The preacher’s daily bread is gained assuring the status quo of its righteousness and innocence. And to never mention the miscalculations that are in play in their own house. They are so manifestly obvious as to cause one to wonder, ‘what happened to them?’ ‘How could such blindness be in them?’

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