Aggravated Child Abuse is not Religious Freedom

There is no difference in people of different ethnicities. The difference is in the waxing & waning of power, of ‘craziness’ or what we might call temporary-insanity; what in nature is swarming, perhaps. Look at a ‘List of contemporary ethnic groups.’ In our wordly efforts to mix better at the edges of ‘ethnicities,’ we propagandize against the habit of seeing others as “the Other” and toward the universal aspects of life that are the same for us all. And, though it was always so, we interbreed much more in the present, at the edges of our groups (as those edges dissappear). Let us get rid of the holocaust of Monotheism that is infant circumcision. It is a practice that is ‘beyond fascism.’ It is Aggravated Child Abuse (cutting a healthy child is always battery). How could anyone go down the list of ethnicities and label some good and some bad. They would always be wrong. It is ‘mesmerization’ that is so sought because it is pleasurable that has such potential to go awry; to swarm. The world is rightly disgusted by infant circumcision, as it was by Nazism. Nazism paid the price. Germans live on. I recommend to all who are similarly mesmerized by their goodness to go straight to living on.

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