Seeking Hero, a la David Copperfield

I urge the reader to look at the CDC page on ACES, and to search online for the relationship between trauma and bipolar disorder (e.g. as witnessed by Simeon;

The Gospel Message (extracted)

1) Jesus was severely traumatized on his eighth day of life. The recounting of his circumcision was naturally done by his mother when it was inquired of her what had happened.2) Jesus’ trauma-induced bipolar disorder fully manifested when his cousin baptised him, and the ‘spirit descended upon him bodily like a dove.’3) Unfortunately, bipolar disorder… Continue reading The Gospel Message (extracted)

Man up. Make them pay.

The body keeps the score/never lies (Bessel van der Kolk/Alice Miller), and that is for life. At the Twin Towers (on 9/11) mantras were no good for those who finally, by trauma, came to believe that they might fly. The trespass was happening to their body and wishful thinking could not relieve it; this is… Continue reading Man up. Make them pay.

The Nazis Nearby

During WWII most Germans felt patriotic; proud of country and ethnicity. Today they are viewed as having had a psychosis. This is analogous to Circumcisers nearby in time and place. They are in a psychosis. Man up. Make them pay.

Mesmerization is no excuse

Mesmerization is pleasant. We seek it constantly; in education, in religion, in sports, in entertainment, in commerce, in art, in romance, in travel. A mesmerizing fellowship can be quite pleasant (e.g. read the Bible over and over… round-and-round, up-and-down). Oops. Mesmerization must be pleasant for all parties, or it must be dispelled. For mesmerization is… Continue reading Mesmerization is no excuse

External Barriers

There is never any external barrier to joining us. The Barriers are all internal and they are created by surrounding one’s self with chitterlings. Use your God-given sense for fuck sake. Join us.

Jesus was Bipolar

One must see the person so that the message will convey. Reading the same thing over and over again for 2000 years without comprehension… is embarrassing. “And straightway coming up out of the water, he saw the heavens opened, and the Spirit like a dove descending upon him.” Mark 1:10“I am the way, the truth,… Continue reading Jesus was Bipolar

Jesus was Gay (not a gape)

From Jesus & the Unabomber: Now note of those crumbs of the gods Jesus’ intimate love of John, as demonstrated in the Gospel of John: – and the disciple standing by, whom he loved John 19:26 – saith he to the disciple, Behold thy mother John 19:27 – that disciple whom Jesus loved John 21:7… Continue reading Jesus was Gay (not a gape)