Violent Extremists (our God is an awesome God)

Nazis believed in themselves (good, patriotic, proud of ethnicity, team work, etc). It was difficult to burst that bubble. But, they got one thing right; they had outlawed routine/ritualistic infant circumcision. The world still has Nazism for newborns. And that bubble will be burst. Join us.

The eight days old child

If one dismisses Paul, and only looks for the person in the Gospels of the new testament, they will see that the message is from the eight days old child. “Forgive them father for they know not what they do,” is the too kind message from that child.Jesus was bipolar, naturally. It is the consequence… Continue reading The eight days old child

Note to Parents

I never think of this error as being the fault of the parents. If parents knew they would not do it. Those who do blame parents ask ‘how the hell can one not know the prima facie!?’ Fair enough. Yet infant circumcision has become a meme, and this is a cultural trance. The parents are… Continue reading Note to Parents

Dry-gulching babies

If circumcision is so desired, why dry-gulch babies? Men would seek it out when they could choose it for themselves, give consent, and report pain. Who are the madmen who came up with such? Why are its practitioners not imprisoned today?

The Vacuum (aka Dr. Sally Johnson)

Dr. Sally Johnson reported about Ted Kaczynski that “He was hospitalized at the age of approximately nine months, for several days, as the result of an allergic reaction. Hospital course was apparently uneventful and he was discharged without known medical sequelae.” This is an odd statement coming from an educated person, a person who society… Continue reading The Vacuum (aka Dr. Sally Johnson)


Young parents stumble into this error. If a baby would kill to get away from the circumcision procedure (I assure you they would) then this ought to inform the subject for the next young parent. It doesn’t because of the political pressure to lie about it, or the reticence of speaking of genitalia, or concerns… Continue reading Complicity

On Suing The Devils

Young men can sue if they become aware during said youth. The parents aren’t going to say shit, so they will have to stumble upon the cause of the horror that lives in them. The suit is for Constructive Fraud, failure at Fiduciary Duty, failure to fully-inform, and heinous battery. One young man discussed his… Continue reading On Suing The Devils

Advent Health, for example

Trying to reach you, Ed Noseworthy (CEO, Daytona Campus). RE: Human Rights/Christianity (NB Advent Health is evangelical). Left my number with Lea in your office. Eric Anderson. Author, Jesus & the Unabomber (NB Risk Management Dept. plugged their ears as deaf & blind guides)Circumcision is neither medicine, nor Christian.It is between witchcraft & body modification… Continue reading Advent Health, for example

Adding Zeros

The person defending infant circumcision inevitably adds zeros. They don’t see it, of course, but they get for their answer the number of zeros added. Example: Potential UTI+ Pot. Forseskin Cancer+Pot. STD+Pot.Nursing Home Care+Pot.Care Convenience=Circumcision. They are adding rights & reasons to torture a healthy child (and take from him) as 0+0+0+0+0=5. They do not… Continue reading Adding Zeros

The Witchcraft of Moses

There is Moses, sacrificing animals and pouring their blood on his alter. He did this while advising others, “do not suffer witches to live” (Exodus 22:18). That is the autocratic warlord who threatened his subjects with expulsion if they did not practice partial child sacrifice. But circumcision is witchcraft, and Moses is dead. And his… Continue reading The Witchcraft of Moses