Message vs Messenger

One does not have to be a Christian to be an Intactivist, but they do have to be an Intactivist to be a Christian. The Christian who is curious about Jesus must look to see the person. When they see the person it is only then possible to see the eight day old child. If… Continue reading Message vs Messenger

The Sociopathy of Goodness

Surgery performed while the patient is in four-point restraints. The error fills the entire field of vision, and for that is unseen in that field. We find that whoever is committing the atrocity is convinced that it is good because they would not be doing it if it wasn’t (i.e. circumcision). If someone else is… Continue reading The Sociopathy of Goodness

Circumcision Video

If every man could see a video recording of his own circumcision, he would learn the history of his own make-up.

Before Abraham (before child abuse)

As they are meta-days (made by Creation) January 1st must be at the Winter Solstice. It is to confuse (i.e. abuse) children, otherwise. As is the call to cut them.

What is so hated?

That we might in turn lose the land that was lost to us? That our own young will take charge? That we are animals and die the same? Do we hate that we too are afraid? Initiating the newborn child into the hardships of life with a torturous hazing is without grace. A base vile… Continue reading What is so hated?

The Slender Man Girls

Slender Man is what happened to Monotheists, too. They became somehow mesmerized by a character in a fairy-story, and they take a knife to newborn babies, with whom they would otherwise feel friendly. This is circumcision. There is no objective difference. How easily we are led astray (‘oversocialized’ as Ted says). It is tragic for… Continue reading The Slender Man Girls