Soul Sickness

Infant circumcision is a soul-sickness, as is all of Monotheism. The habit while reading scripture is to put up a cognitive privacy glass so one only sees sparkles and not the real person behind the glass. This is a soul-sickness (Ted calls is over-socialization, Jesus says not to take as doctrine the commandments of men).… Continue reading Soul Sickness

The Banality of Evil

Infant circumcision is the same phenomenon, of course… as expressed by Hannah Arendt when she observed ‘the banality of evil’ while reporting on the trial of Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem, in 1962. In this case it is Nazism for Newborns that is the evil that has found its ease among us. I don’t care what… Continue reading The Banality of Evil

Gospel of Thomas, part 4

Jesus Christ: Jesus is the screaming eight day old child, and the Christ is the paper that Christians stuff in their ears so that they don’t have to hear him. Gospel of Thomas, part 4: “The man old in days will not hesitate to ask a small child seven days old about the place of… Continue reading Gospel of Thomas, part 4

On Fraternity Hazing

Make men drink a fifth of whiskey when they turn 18 years old (at threat of expulsion as in Genesis 17:14), but do not cut their genitalia, ever. In this the fraternity must conform, or itself be expelled.

Heartbreaking & Gut Wrenching

And nauseating. If the ritual was to push a needle into a babies eye—the process of making a covenant with God—it would be seen instantly for what circumcision already is, but unseen. After a while, when first done at threat of expulsion from the economy, many would do it, many others would then comply because… Continue reading Heartbreaking & Gut Wrenching

Infectious Disease

The Sociopathy of Goodness. Nazism for newborns. Infant circumcision is medical battery, a violation of fiduciary duty, a violation of Hippocratic Oath, and Constructive Fraud. It is violent traumatic archaic nonsense; withholding of compassion from newborn citizens.

Nazism for Newborns

Infant circumcision is the same error in judgement as Nazism. It is the sociopathy of goodness, where people become so pleased with themselves that they batter another person and call it righteousness. The holocaust was a hate crime, and so is infant circumcision. They are the same error in judgement, from people who think they… Continue reading Nazism for Newborns

Zipporah, village idiot.

Moses was a warlord (fair enough). His wife had a panic attack and cut their son (before that ‘circumcision was not practiced in the time of Moses’). Moses MADE everyone do it so his wife wouldn’t seem like the village idiot (he had to MAKE them as one is naturally averse to hurting their child).… Continue reading Zipporah, village idiot.

The War

In the war between babies and the dead, always fight on the side of babies. Always root for those who do.