Infant circumcision is Constructive Sociopathy (just as it is Constructive Fraud in medicine). Jews slaughtering Canaanites is no different than Europeans slaughtering Amerindians, or Incans or Vikings slaughtering whomever. Yet to claim to be made in God’s image (i.e. to ascribe man as partner to God; anathema and hypocritical in Islam) and then skin newborn boys alive is unique in the annals of sociopathy. This error is worse in American Christianity, not seeing the PTSD Bipolar Jesus (a person), or his mother’s report of the causal trauma. “He will put a sword through thine own soul”—a witness declaimed at observing the child’s torture—”so that the thoughts of many infant people will be revealed” (the proper interpolation). That particular Jesus returns symbolically every time a boy is born. The Christian need no longer wonder when he will return. The new child is the Comforter. And who keeps him from being seen at every turn & return… it is Harry Potter Christianity and its adherents who so daftly allow him to be crucified again and again and again.
To partially sacrifice newborn babies is not only aggravated battery upon the child (there are no newborn Monotheists), but it is an act of antagonism toward one’s fellow man, toward Nature and the God that assigned it as absolute sovereign. And it is very singular to note that infant circumcision is the blasphemy of the holy spirit to which Jesus referred. To observe then that infant circumcision is Genocide of Soma & Psyche/Nazism for Newborns/the Holocaust of Monotheism/a Hate Crime, is accurate.
This is ironic considering the current zeitgeist of empathy for the suffering of Jews in the holocaust of WWII (suffering of Jews, Slavs, Gays, Roma, Handicapped, and of citizens and soldiers). It is the selfsame empathy that the infant child does not receive (the eight day old Jesus & the nine month old Ted), inconsiderate of his whole soma, his whole psyche, and his choice before Creation. The madness of Moses was so akin to that of Adolf.
Infant circumcision is the violent misadventure of prodigal children.

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